It’s Elemental!

Of course this garden (it’s Levens Hall in Cumbria, UK) would be difficult to replicate at home, but let’s break it down, because their are plenty of usable ideas here. Really. You’ll see!

Here are three key takeaways:

1. Get maximum impact by planting a lot of a little.This is essentially massed catmint which could be used to flank a walkway or at the front of a border. The trick here is to let the plant do its thing, so choose a spot where tidy is not the order of they day. Holster the string edger and let it billow at will. Lavender works the same way as do ornamental grasses.

2. Symmetry creates order even in chaos. Create an opportunity for the overwhelmed eye to stop and rest as it travels the garden by using contrasting, non-plant elements such as the large containers here. Terra cotta or concrete orbs work too.

3. Finally, remember that rule of thirds we’re always on about? Well, here it is in action. That third large container creates balance as well as a strong focal point. Set at a distance, it creates depth and draws you into the garden. Granted, this is one deep border, but even just setting a third element back by a few feet makes the point.

See? No matter how grand the garden, don’t be intimidated. Just break it down to the singular elements and then, yes, try this at home.

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