Genius! 5 Landscaping Solutions Using Flower Carpet Roses

(Guest blogger, Judie Brower from Tesselaar Plants)

Roses are a highlight of the summer garden and roses that are easy-care, bloom like crazy, and don’t require chemicals or pesticides to keep them looking drop-dead gorgeous make them a must-have for garden styles from contemporary to cottage. Enter Flower Carpet® rose – often referred to as a groundcover rose. Apart from it’s beauty and sheer flower-power (once established, each plant can provide up to 2,000 flowers, blooming from spring through late fall) it’s an answer for all sorts of vexing landscaping issues. Here are just a few ways that Flower Carpet roses (zones 5 – 10) are great “solution” plants.

6_FC Amber_Drivewaycropped

As a “Welcome Home” surrounding the driveway

If you have a swath of area around the driveway and the idea of keeping up with the edging, feeding, and other must-do’s of lawn care is unappealing, shrubs are an easy answer. And, flowering rose shrubs are an answer that’s also lovely. The spreading habit of Flower Carpet rose creates a soft, low hedge that only needs mulch and a good pruning each spring to maintain. In many cases, they even stand up to snowplows.

Shown:  Flower Carpet® Amber Groundcover Rose

As a colorful way to deal with difficult slopes

No one wakes up on a weekend excited to maintain a slope! While you might not think of roses as a solution, Flower Carpet roses have a two-tier root system, with a portion of the roots reaching far into the soil and another portion sitting closer to the surface. This makes them excellent for aiding in erosion control, and, once established, as a hedge against drought. And, no mowing!

Shown: Flower Carpet® Appleblossom Groundcover RoseFlower Carpet® Pink Groundcover Rose


3_FC Yellow_Ladera sidewalkrawcropped

As a rosy option to dress up curbsides and sidewalks

Another spot few of us want to devote precious gardening time to is the no-man’s land between the street and the sidewalk. Rather than turf, consider planting a stand of Flower Carpet roses. Not only do they withstand highly reflective pavement heat without complaint, they’re also extremely tolerant of the road salt used in colder climates. These roses do have some thorns; if this is an issue, plant back from the edge of pavement by a foot or so to allow for a snag-free journey.

Shown:  Flower Carpet® Yellow Rose

As a soft touch against walls and brick walkways

It’s not called “hardscaping” for nothing. The solid, unyielding planes of concrete retaining walls, brick or block pathways, and even the more romantic irregular surfaces of stone walls take on a more relaxed look when lined with Flower Carpet roses. While they tolerate many different soil conditions, they’ll be at their peak performance when planted in soil that’s rich in organic matter such as compost. Prep well before planting for optimal results.

Shown: Flower Carpet® Pink Splash Groundcover Rose 

1_FC Pink_Barrier Hedge1cropped560x313

As a fuss-free answer to what to put around the pool

Messy plants and swimming pools are not a good mix. You want to relax and enjoy, not sweep up or constantly replant for a colorful display. Flower Carpet roses produce wave after wave of blooms for months. As an extra bonus, they’re also self-cleaning; as these shrubs send out new blooms, the spent blossoms drop neatly to the ground. That, plus their good manners and low-growing habit makes them just the ticket for a flowery, softly-scented, tidy hedge around a pool.

Shown: Flower Carpet® Pink Groundcover Rose

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