Making Arrangements: Gardenias

The fragrance alone makes gardenias swoonworthy, but their glossy leaves and wide-but-deeply-petaled form also makes them vaseworthy. Here are a few ideas for how to use these sumptuous flowers in tabletop arrangements.


Formal Country

Mixing branches of gardenias into a vase of hydrangeas such as Blue Enchantress transforms this cottage staple into something just a bit more elegant, but still casual enough for the kitchen table.


Simply Elegant

Float a single, perfect flower in a water-filled vessel and place where it can be admired from all sides. Resist the urge to clip away all the foliage; it’s what gives this particular display a garden feel.

Gardenias and Zinnias

Loose and Luxe

For a study in contrasts, fill a casual, earthenware vase with branches laden with blooming gardenias and then insert stems of a simple garden flower such as these annual zinnias. Perfect for an outdoor dinner table.


Swirls Add Swank

If you need a taller vase for the place you’re decorating, you can still float a single gardenia. So that the flower doesn’t get lost in proportion to the vase, line the vessel with long, strappy leaves. Good tutorial here.

In A Vase On Monday—Gardenias With Blue And Red

Red, White, and Beautiful

Tall, brilliant black and blue salvia and a few snips of deep red annual snapdragons are mixed with several braches of gardenias for a display that has just the right height for an end table. To us, this one really says high summer.

In A Vase On Monday - Gardenias

Earthy and Glammy

Massing a dozen or so cut gardenias in a low bowl that’s pottery rather than crystal or glass brings this typically formal flower down to earth. Imagine this on a nightstand where the perfume lulls you to sleep. Sigh.


Cups Runneth Over

For a last minute, company’s-on-the way arrangement, clip single gardenia blooms and place them into individual vases. Stagger these down the length of a table, or cluster them for impact. These make nice, take-me-home little gifts, too.


Whiter Shades of Pale

Clipped gardenias in a creamware Wedgewood bowl that’s decorated all around with a small floral pattern has a soft English-garden look that works well in decorating schemes from traditional to cottage.

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