3 Bold and Bright One-Pot Wonders

Looking to cut down on some garden work this summer but still have a knockout display? While we love creating containers filled with a mix of this and that we also love putting one power plant in a large pot and calling it a day. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

This combo (above) of Whetman Star™ Single Superstar Dianthus and a magenta verbena is all about fragrance!




Color Splash

EnduraScape™ Verbena is an improved variety that loves heat, has excellent resistance to powdery mildew, and stays in flower longer. This variety’s trailing habit also shines in a hanging planter. Zone: 7 -10

Near Constant Blooms

From a outstanding new series of this free-flowering and heat-loving plant comes Colorita® Isabella® Peruvian Lily. The brilliant-orange blooms will keep coming if old stems are plucked! Zone: 8 – 11

Bring on the Butterfiles

Waterwise and loved by pollinators, use lantana in tough full sun spots. Purple Potion™ Trailing Lantana is evergreen in frost-free climates and an annual for cold climate areas. Zone: 9 – 11


Hot Color That Holds Up to Heat

In those super-sunny, sweltering spots such as facing south settings, in the reflected heat from pools or hardscape, or on a roof gardens, you need plants that can not only deal, but delight.

This elegant grouping of CANNOVA® Orange Shades Canna LilyEndurascape™ Dark Purple Verbena, and Sienna Sunrise® Heavenly Bamboo does all that, plus has a variety of textures and forms that makes for an interesting vignette.

Bonus Pots!

SIRENS' SONG™ Orange Delight Heuchera
Evolution™ Fiesta Coneflower
Deep Blue Clips Bellflower

Fabulous Foliage

You do not need to wonder if your planters will go out of bloom with fine foliage such as Siren’s Song™ Orange Delight Heuchera. It boasts elegant leaves that look good from spring to autumn. Zone: 4-9

Cut a Few Flowers

Coneflowers grow as well in pots as they do in the garden. Enjoy Evolution™ Fiesta Coneflower’s flamboyant flowers all summer and into autumn. It blooms so much, you can cut a few to bring inside! Zone: 4-9

Beautify Bowls

Low-growing varieties, such as Deep Blue Clips Bellflower, are elegant choices for low, bowl-type containers you can use as centerpieces. This selection flowers continuously all summer. Zone: 4-9

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