Better Ways to Use Agapanthus

Poor agapanthus, choice plant of curbside gardens in lots of warm season zones. It’s not her fault that she’s so useful, easy-to-grow, and brings a whimsical elegance, but in being so, suffers from a case of over-familiarity. Let’s rethink this wonderfully versatile perennial by mixing it into all kinds of landscapes and picking varieties with a range of colors and sizes. We’ll start right here with white-flowering agapanthus that delivers the “shock and awe” element of this modern landscape by poking up between sheared boxwood balls and tufts of ornamental grasses. Wow.

Ornamental urn in colourful summer garden

In a Cottage Garden

Because agapanthus has such an elegant form, it’s often used in a more formal garden but look at it here, living it up in full, fluffy cottage-style garden. Fabulous!


In a Contemporary Setting

Packing a simple container with tall-stemmed agapanthus plays off the modern-but- warm mood of this garden and that blue flower amps up the nearby bluestone paving.


In a Natural Setting

Blowsy grasses, seed heads of wildflowers, and stands of Queen Anne’s lace might not be your first thought to pair with agapanthus, but this smaller-flowering variety is relaxed and at home there.


In a Single-Hue Border

With nothing of equal or taller height to compete, agapanthus becomes the main event in this totally eye-popping pathway border. Even the strappy foliage adds to the playful tone.

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