Winter Color

Anatomy Lesson: Winter Surprise

Yes, there is a quiet, understated beauty to the sleepy slumber of nature in winter, but who doesn’t love just a hint of the flowers to come in spring? Planting a few very early bloomers in a place where you’re sure to see them (from the warmth of the kitchen window, for example) adds a bit of sparkle and light to the winter landscape. Here witch hazel shrubs (Hamamelis x intermedia), one yellow and one pink, bloom in December to February depending on your particular zone. This spring put winter blooming shrubs on your shopping list. You’ll be so glad next winter!

Hamamelis x intermedia (zones 5 – 9) are hybrid witch hazels born from the cross between two species’ parents: Hamamelis mollis (Chinese witch hazel) and Hamamelis japonica (Japanese witch hazel). These hybrids are more compact with brighter flowers and fall foliage.

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