Garden Center Destination: Let’s Plant It Forward

What if you could make the world a happier place by simply doing a little more of what you already know and love? And help your customers to be part of that, too? What if you could help them to #PlantItForward?

This spring we’re launching a new initiative called #PlantItForward and garden centers can be part of this simple but powerful idea. What’s #PlantItForward?


As gardeners and garden center owners, we know that a beautiful garden, whether a potted up geranium on the front steps or a full-on front yard, is a place of pride and inspiration, and a source of joy and delight. But it’s also something more, something bigger. Because when we plant something–small or grand–the benefits of our individual efforts to both people and the planet are amplified by all the other plantings around us. They all add up.

To what does it all add up? Well, your windowbox + my perennial border + your display gardens + our neighbor’s vegetable garden + the parking lot down the street with a planted berm + a nearby city park–when combined–help to create an ecosystem that attracts and nurtures pollinators, assists in the balance of CO2 levels, increases overall green space, and brings a calming-but-exuberant sort of happiness to the community. If you think of a garden like a stream that joins others to becomes a river and eventually an ocean, it’s a pretty powerful idea.

That’s what we mean by #PlantItForward.

Monrovia will be using its reach and resources to widely promote this campaign on our social channels, through a media push, and by partnering with influencers. We’re also partnering with Plant-for-the-Planet, a global movement with an ambitious goal: to fight the climate crisis by planting trees around the world, one trillion to be exact. (more below). Garden centers can be part of this exciting, media-driven campaign by taking action in four easy ways.


Here’s how Plant It Forward works:

1.   Ask your customers to plant something beautiful that makes them happy.

2.   Ask them to take a picture of their new planting and post it on their own Instagram page or Twitter feed
with the #PlantItForward hashtag and also tag 3 friends to do the same.

3.   For every #PlantItForward hashtag, Monrovia will plant trees in the Yucatan Peninsula through their
partnership with Plant-for-the-Planet.



Leverage our media and social outreach blitz by incorporating the message into your own spring campaigns. Promote the campaign by downloading the ‘ready for spring’ quiz to help encourage your customers to find their next treasured plant, and then plant it forward. Share the campaign on social (remember to use the hashtag #PlantItForward) and ask your followers to share it as well, tag their friends, and also ask them to tag you!

You can also download fun sharable content (here) to spread the word across your own social platforms and website as well. And, of course, feel free to reward your customers for participating in the campaign with the super cool “I Planted It Forward” stickers you’ll receive by 4/1!


Everyone wants to do their part, but not everyone has garden confidence. Consider producing #PlantItForward spring events designed especially for newer gardeners who might need a bit more hand-holding while providing fresh inspiration for more experienced ones. Promote these events on your social channels. Encourage and assist those experienced gardeners to pass on their skill through a skill share program whether digital or an actual bulletin board. There are plenty of gardeners who would love to help newbies (and plenty of newbies would love to be “gardeners”!)


We know your garden center is a vital part of your community. #PlantItForward might be a perfect opportunity to partner or expand your partnership with a community-based institution such as a school garden, garden club, or a botanical garden. Ask your customers to #PlantItForward by supporting these entities with a visit, membership, volunteering, or following them on social media. As these groups grow, so does the world of gardeners!


We know this one’s hard (it’s spring and we’re busy too!) but put down your phone and just go outside for 15 minutes today. Listen to some birds, sniff some flowers, pluck and nibble a fresh basil leaf, observe how the leaves flutter in the breeze, feel the damp cushion of moist spring soil under your feet–just be IN nature. We promise you that the sense of well-being derived from nature makes you value it even more. You deserve this.


Plant-for-the-Planet is a global youth movement with an ambitious goal: to mitigate the climate crisis by planting trees around the world, one trillion to be exact. In 2011, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) handed over the long-established Billion Tree Campaign, along with the official world tree counter, to Plant-for-the-Planet. Since that time, Plant-for-the-Planet youths have already planted more than 14 billion trees in 193 countries, and established a new goal of planting 1 trillion new trees worldwide.

We have partnered with Plant-for-the-Planet as part of the #PlantItForward digital campaign and encourage you to share this your customers. Find the details here. (Because, who doesn’t want to live in a world with one trillion more trees!)


We hope you will join us this spring to Plant It Forward. Please visit  to learn more about how you can make a difference, enter the sweeps, and download fun tools and materials.

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