(Zones 7 – 10) Add glowing golden foliage to the garden

Golden-yellow leafed plants brighten the landscape, imbuing spaces with either a radiant luminosity or a splash of instant sunshine, depending on the hue. Ranging from chartreuse to molten, they have a complexity that adds depth and contrast while meshing companionably with other colors. While it can be true that a little of this color goes a long way, experiment with a few of these that add the Midas touch to your garden.

For zones 4 – 7, click here.


Swane’s Golden Italian Cypress

Narrow, tall columnar form with magnificent bright, golden-yellow new growth that holds throughout the season.  Full sun.


Golden Euonymus

Wide golden yellow margins surround the dark green center holding color year round in warmer climates. Shear or let grow into a natural form. Full sun.


Rosedale Golden Goose Plantain Lily

Large, bright golden yellow, heart-shaped leaves provide a pop of color to shady spots. Mass in beds or under trees. Full to partial shade.


Golden Triumph Boxwood

Heat lover with high contrast shiny green foliage and showy golden-yellow margins. Slow grower, ideal for foundation or edging parterres. Full sun.

Gold Coast Juniper, Juniperus x pfitzeriana 'Aurea Improved', at Visalia CA USA

Sea Of Gold® Juniper

Outstanding lacy, golden-yellow foliage that deepens in winter makes this compact evergreen an excellent choice as a colorful accent or mass planting. Full sun.

Variegated Purple Queen Bougainvillea, Bougainvilla 'Purple Queen Variegated'

Golden Jackpot® Bougainvillea

Vibrant purple flowers create a dramatic contrast with the chartreuse to bright golden bordered leaves. Use in containers, groundcover. Full sun.


Sunsation® Japanese Barberry

A new golden barberry with a compact form that shows glowing golden foliage with an orange cast most of the season. Use in mixed shrub borders. Full sun.


Ember Waves® Western Arborvitae

Beautiful year round,  but real drama arrives in winter when it transitions to deep gold, with glowing orange to russet red tips. As an accent or screen. Full sun.


Feelin’ Sunny® Deodar Cedar

An exclusive new introduction with bright, golden-yellow foliage that infuses the landscape with warm tones. Great for slopes, accents, containers. Partial to full sun.


Riverdene Gold False Heather

Spectacular color with pale lavender flowers against the golden foliage. Excellent choice for rock gardens, accents in borders and mass plantings. Partial to full sun.

Lead Image:  Troy Rhone Garden Design

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