Trend: Colorful Conifers

A hot trend for colder climates is conifers that morph from shades of summery green to a rainbow of other-worldly hues in winter. Junipers that take on a purple cast, pines that glow in shades of gold or plum, arborvitae that transform into coppery-bronze foliage with orangey tips. Some even display two or three colors on the same needle. Here are six exciting, vibrant varieties to watch.


Ember Waves® Western Arborvitae
Zone: 5 – 8

An exciting, new, colorful evergreen! The real drama arrives when the weather cools, and it transitions to deep gold, with glowing orange to russet red tips. Full sun. Reaches up to 25 ft. tall and 8 ft. wide.


Icee Blue® Juniper
Zone: 3 – 9

Exhibits the best silver-blue winter color of the groundcover junipers. Winter foliage becomes plum purple in coldest climates. Full sun. Reaches up to 4 in. tall, spreading to 8 ft. wide.

Gold Coast Juniper, Juniperus x pfitzeriana 'Aurea Improved', at Visalia CA USA

Sea Of Gold® Juniper
Zone: 3 – 9

Outstanding lacy, golden-yellow foliage color is retained better than other gold-tipped varieties, and deepens in winter to a rich gold. Full sun. Reaches up to 3 ft. tall and 4 ft. wide.


Jazzy Jewel™ Andorra Juniper
Zone: 3 – 9

Exceptional bright green and gold-splashed foliage becomes tinged with bronze and purple tones during the winter months. Full sun. Reaches up  2 ft. tall, spreading to 6 ft. wide.

Pinus mugo Carstens Wintergold - Dwarf mountain pine

Carsten’s Wintergold Mugo Pine
Zone: 2 – 7

Short, densely arranged evergreen needles are an attractive green in spring and summer, turning to a rich gold tone as cold weather arrives. Full sun. Reaches up to 2 ft. tall and wide.


Drew’s Blue™ Siberian Carpet Cypress
Zone: 2 – 8

Handsome, cold hardy evergreen with attractive bluish-green summer foliage that turns to a maroon color in the winter.Full sun. Reaches up to 2 ft. tall, and 3 ft. wide.

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